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Lime Paint for Kitchen

Lime Paint for Kitchen

Lime wash paint for kitchens

Can I paint my Kitchen with Lime Wash Paint?

In a kitchen you can use Bauwerk Paint anywhere, except where it may come in contact with fat/oil/grease (behind the stove, for instance), as this may discolour the paint.

Lime wash paint is a natural product and has a completely matt finish. So it is not possible to scrub off and surface contamination. However, lime paint, due to the high PH level has natural anti-bacterial properties and was used extensively in the past for keeping rooms clean and fresh looking.

For Commercial Kitchens we recommend to specify the paint from shoulder height upward. You can include the ceiling as well if so desired.

In Domestic Kitchens some designers used a glass splash back behind the stove or were fat / oil / grease may come in contact.

Bauwerk Colour in a moden kitchen

Limewash Paint Colours and Maintenance in Kitchens

The easiest colours a whites and pale neutrals, as they are easily patched. But all other colours can be refreshed easily with one quick application of another layer.

In this article you can see how even a bold coloured lime wash can add spice to your kitchen.

Bauwerk Limewash Paint in a kichen

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