Limewash Prep Coat

Do I need Bauwerk Prep Coat?
We have specially developed our Prep Coat as a bridge coat between standard paint and primers to make limewash more durable, and easy to apply. Bauwerk Prep Coat is not a primer. It is important to understand that Bauwerk Limewash and Prep Coat have no capacity to mask what is on your wall, it allows all the history and the materials of the wall to come through.

Natural walls, such as unpainted render, brick, stone, masonry, mud brick & limewash.
Do not require any undercoat or primer. Limewash can be applied directly to the wall.

Previously painted render, brick, stone, masonry, mud brick.
Carry out any surface repair and remove all dust and loose particles. No undercoat is required. Sand well if previous paint has any gloss level. Previously painted masonry internal walls with inconsistent wall finish or gloss finish–you can apply 1 coat of Bauwerk Prep Coat to create a more uniform finish.

What are Properties of Prep Coat ?
– Very low VOC content (< 1 gr/lit)
– Breathable and low odour
– Water-dilutable
– Free from mould-causing substances and preservatives
– Emission-minimised and solvent-free
– Easy workability with one-coat application
– Matte white colour creates a consistent base

Where can I use Prep Coat ?
Most surfaces can be painted with Prep Coat like previously painted surfaces, concrete, ceilings, drywall + gypsum plasterboard
gypsum + lime plasters, wallpaper, prev painted brick and masonry, ply and pine wood

What is the coverage of Prep Coat ?
Prep Coat Coverage Per litre
Smooth wall substrate: 6 m2 ( 64 ft2 )
Rough wall substrate: 5 m2 ( 54 ft2 )
Values for coverage are to be used as a guide only. Variation in quantity needed will depend on the porosity of the surface to be painted.

How many coats should I apply ?
1 coat is enough.

Do I need to use Prep Coat before applying samples?
It is recommended when you painting any walls that are prev painted or primed.

Can I paint out my samples afterward just with Prep Coat ?
Yes 1 coat over the samples will stop them ghosting through on the final finish.

How do I apply?
1. Surface Preparation
Consult our surface guide to see if you require a primer-sealer coating prior to Prep Coat.
Where required, use our 3 x P Formula:

01 Prime: We recommend 2 coats of a good quality undercoat/sealer primer -not a mist coat and non diluted
02 Prep: Apply 1 of BAUWERK PREP COAT
03 Paint: Apply 2 coats BAUWERK LIMEWASH
Note- You can skip Step 1. If your walls are already correctly primed and without patches and repairs

Surfaces must be dry and free of dirt or separating substances.

2. Prep Coat Preparation Stir well.

3. Application Prep Coat can be brushed rolled or sprayed. Start at the window and paint away from the light. If painting the ceiling—paint the ceiling
first, followed by the walls. To avoid visible lines, or picture framing effect that may appear once limewashed, always paint wet on wet, even when
cutting in.
Keep the finish consistent and even. Blend your vertical strokes with horizontal strokes without loading any additional paint.
Finish one wall in a single application.

How long does Prep Coat take to dry?
Surface will be dry after 2-4 hours Allow longer at Lower temperatures and higher humidity.
Do not use below 5°C (41°F)

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