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The best eco-friendly white paint

Berlin apartment amazes with white natural paint finish.

The new owners of this classic apartment in the historic Berlin district of Charlottenburg decided on a fresh approach to white paint after removing layers of old wall paper and paint.

Following the advice of Bauwerk Colour the walls received a new thin layer of white plaster, and then finished with a light sand. The ceiling and mouldings were prepared with a white undercoat/sealer.

The new surface then was painted directly with 3 applications of Bauwerk Colour lime wash paint “Chalk”. As the name suggest, the colour is a chalky-white, giving the walls a matt, bone-white look. Depending on the refraction of light, the colour has a dynamic spectrum ranging from white to a slight grey, but it also picks up on the warm hues of the parquetry or night time light setting. Additional interest is coming from the subtle brush marks from the painting process, making it an individual hand finish that cannot be achieved with a paint roller.

Chalk, our most popular eco-friendly white paint, is free from fumes and any VOC’s, it’s a natural paint made from minerals and pigments.

  • Simple application inside or outside
  • Allows walls to breathe – improves micro-climate which is safer for people with allergies or chemical sensitivity
  • Has natural antibacterial properties and no electro-static charge
  • Will not blister or peel making it easy for redecoration
  • Green Star compliant – automatically achieves maximum product score
  • Non-flammable
  • Manufactured using 100% green power with a very light environmental footprint