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Bauwerk Exterior Paint Projects

Adding colour to an exterior wall has a big impact visually, aesthetically and also environmentally.

Lime wash paints are a versatile choice for many projects: ultra-modern, for historic buildings, for shop front or garden walls.

The unique properties of Bauwerk Colour lime paints allow for a blending in or for making a statement.

Bauwerk Colour offers the largest colour range available anywhere for external lime wash paint with outstanding product properties and the lowest environmental footprint of all external paint systems.

  • Pure mineral based paints
  • Solvent free and zero VOC content
  • No fungicides or biocides
  • 100% UV stable
  • No colour fading
  • No blistering or peeling – even in high humidity environments No contamination of groundwater
  • Safe to use for the applicator
  • Vegan paint product – not tested on animals

Order Bauwerk lime wash paint online and we ship it ready to use to your address.

Application is super simple: paint into fresh render without any other primers, paint bricks, clay plaster or lime render and allow subtle highs and lows in the colour variation to develop naturally.

Repaint anytime without stripping previous layers.

Contact us with your project details, we assist you with colour selection and specifications.