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Holiday House

That holiday feel of warmth, nature and sun kissed days in a relaxed atmosphere was captured in this holiday house designed and built by the owners of Bauwerk Colour on the west coast of Australia.

In achieving this atmosphere we selected a pure lime render as the base for the lime wash colours of Bauwerk Colour.

The render was finished with a float, then smoothed over with a stainless steel trowel before setting. The surface is soft to touch and has enough life to show it’s natural material. This is an ideal surface for lime wash paints. The paint is absorbed into the wall and permanently bonds by filling up the surface layer with million of tiny micro-crystals. Those crystals refract sunlight and scatter the light, giving the soft glow of the paint that makes Bauwerk Colour lime wash such a unique finish.

Lime wash painting over render...facts, hints, and advantages.

  • Lime wash paint is ideal for a rendered surface
  • Can be done internally or externally
  • No need for an undercoat/sealer
  • Never blisters or peels
  • Completely natural finish: no solvents or VOC’s
  • Long lasting and easy to maintain

In being true to our believes that we can build in a modern way with simple natural materials all other materials were treated in a similar way.

The floors were made out of crushed limestone and white cement, then hand troweled. As a natural sealer we use Savon Noir, an olive based product that is so natural that you can use it to bathe your baby. We use it also to wash and maintain the floors - more on that here.