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Lime Wash Paint for Bathrooms

Bathrooms don’t need to look sterile, bring in some mood with the clever use of simple and eco-friendly materials and finish it with one of the amazing colours from Bauwerk Colour

How to create that look?
The best surface for lime wash paints are rendered finishes.
Even if you have a drywall or gyprock you can give it a thin-coat render.
Then apply two quick layers of Bauwerk Colour paint – done!
Our paints will not blister or peel, not even in a steamy bathroom.
Best of all our paints have natural anti-bacterial and anti-mould properties, all without any fungicides, biocides or formaldehydes.

Small tables – PILED by Loof
Bed – BASKET by Loof
Sink – AIM by Not Only White
Bath tub – LOOP by Not Only White

Photographed by Thomas van Schaik