Careers with Bauwerk Colour in Europe

positions are remote work options at present.

Making the paint

Production and warehouse management may require similar skill sets, in any case we are a small team and everyone chips in when a helping hand is needed in another department.

Making paint does not desire all of the activities, this job is much more varied.

Location: Belgern, Germany

Current status:
sorry, no vacancies

Handling Orders

If you like routine, but also have the right mind for paying attention to detail, then this job will keep you fully engaged. We don't do shift work and like a laugh, let us know if that is to your liking.

Location: Belgern, Germany

Current status:
no vacancies, but why don't you leave us your CV?

Help our customer to make an informed decision

Questions and information - Bronwyn is our marketing director and on the lookout for a real pro to take on a person with customer service experience for chat / email and online support.
If that is your passion and expertise we would love to hear from you.

Current status:


Are you interested.....?

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