Discount Codes / Address Change / Taxes and more

How do I use my discount code?
While logged in you can enter your discount at the checkout beneath the product summary.

Where can I change my billing address?
Depending on the payment method you choose it can either be:
- within the same payment method as a check mark: "☑Use shipping address as billing address" e.g. credit card
- beneath the payment methods as an option to use the same or a different billing address e.g. bank deposit
- if paying with PayPal you can change your billing information within your own PayPal account

Why is the VAT/Tax changing from the basket to checkout?
The estimated VAT/Tax amount displayed before checkout in the basket is based on Germany's 19% tax. The correct tax for your country will be displayed once you have selected your shipping option.

Where can I enter my VAT/Tax ID Number? (applies only to EU customers)
The VAT Number can only be added to the shipping address and NOT to the billing address.
1. Go to first step of the Checkout where you can enter your shipping address
2. Enter your VAT Number.
The VAT Number field can be below the phone number field or above the name fields

I already completed the checkout, but need to change my order

Please get in touch with our order department, the email is on the order confirmation email you would have received after you confirmed the payment. This should be done as soon as possible.

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