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Mixing Equipment

Mixing Equipment

Limewash Application / all you want to know about mixing limewash

This is the right guide for you if you want to

  • use limewash paint and want to get it mixed up right during the application
  • know how the best way to mix up the paint and keep it stirred
  • how to check and mix up a limewash paint bucket that was in long term storage

Getting your limewash paint mixed up right and keeping it stirred is important for colour consistency.

Limewash Brushes
Limewash Brushes
What type of mixing tools are recommended for mixing up limewash paint?
We recommend to use a simple kitchen whisk, a bar mixer or an electric paint stirrer.
Kitchen whisk
Bar mixer
Electric paint stirrer
Kitchen Whisk
Kitchen Whisk
Professional Paint Mixing Tool for Bauwerk Colour Limewash Paint
Professional Paint Mixing Tool for Bauwerk Colour Limewash Paint
Bar Mixer
Bar Mixer
01 Preparation for mixing

BAUWERK Limewash Paint comes ready to use, there is no need to add any liquid or colourants to it, all you have to do is mix it.

  • cover all surfaces you don't want to have any paint splatter
  • if you paint more than one colour sort and group your paint buckets
  • if you have more than one paint bucket for one colour group them together as well
  • check that the amount ordered is sufficient to finish the job
  • have a couple of empty buckets ready for decanting and mixing of same colour paint buckets
Safety first!

Mixing paint can alway cause some splattering - protect your eyes please!

Lime wash paint tends to dry out your skin if you work with it for a while. If you don't want to work with gloves use barrier cream.

A Bauwerk Colour Limewash Paint Brush full with paint
02 Intial mixing of Limewash paint after opening

BAUWERK Colour limewash paint is made with aged lime putty and uses only pigment powders for colouring.

The active ingredients of the paint will always sink to the base of the paint bucket. This is intended, as the liquid above protects the active lime from reacting with the CO2 of the atmosphere. Only when the paint is spread on the wall we want the CO2 to combine with the lime part of the paint and form millions of tiny micro crystals that revert the paint back to the material is was made from originally - lime stone.

Also the pigment mixed into he paint is part of the heavier ingredients and will settle near the bottom of the paint bucket. It is important that all is properly mixed up again.

  1. Open paint buckets and use a kitchen whisk or an electric mixer to give it a good stir. Do not use a stick, this will not adequately stir it all up.

  2. Decant mixed up paint into an empty bucket of equal or larger size and check the paint bucket base that all pigment and heavier ingredients have been stirred in. If there is still some material left fill some paint back in and mix some more.

  3. Repeat the process of decanting and stirring until you are satisfied all is properly mixed.
TIP: Mixing up limewash paint that was stored long term

We recommend to use a bar mixer or electric paint stirrer for paint that was stored for a long time. This is more efficient than a kitchen whisk. Follow the instruction above.

Bauwerk Colour Limewash Paint stirred with a Whisk
03 Limewash paint mixing - why you should not work from a full bucket

First of all, a full bucket is heavy and if you drop it it is a bigger mess.

Secondly, working out of a full bucket you will need to stir the paint more often, as the heavier parts of the paint will start to drift toward the base of the bucket again. That can lead to unwanted colour variations across a wall as you would start with a thinner mix and finish with a thicker paint mix towards the end.

Here is what we recommend:

  1. After thorough mixing decant again and work from a bucket with only a couple of inches (circa 5 cm or so) of paint.

  2. The paint brush will reach closer to the bottom of the paint bucket and you will have greater colour consistency.

  3. Stir the paint up every 2 minutes or so using the whisk

  4. Do not work to the last drop - instead top up frequently after giving the paint a good mix again.
TIP: Always mix a good amount of paint from your paint bucket with the next one when painting larger areas requiring several paint bucket of the same colour.

Modern Lime Wash Paint | Bauwerk Colour
04 Limewash paint mixing - can I add water?

The liquid you see in our limewash paint is not just simple water. It is an alkaline liquid with a very high Ph-Level.

So if you left the paint uncovered by accident and see the liquid content reduced you may add a maximum of 10% of water. Any more and the carefully balanced paint materials will no longer be performing as intended.

Good to know

In case something got spilt: Bauwerk Colour offers Express shipping to most destinations for urgent replacement or addtional needs of paint.

Limewash paint with a limewash brush
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