tools-supplies/Lime Wash Paint Block Brush - 3cm x 7cm Red Body
© BAUWERK Colour
© BAUWERK Colour

Lime Wash Paint Block Brush - 3cm x 7cm Red Body

€5.46 (excl. VAT)
€6.50 (incl. VAT approx.)

Use this lime wash brush for applying sample paint, garden pot paint, all small projects and tight corners.

Bauwerk Brushes are made from natural fibres specially sourced for lime paint application.

Their unique bristle structure retains the correct amount of paint and releases it evenly across the surface during painting.

Even a limewash sample needs the right brush
Get it right the first time with the right brush:
Limewash Paint Brushes are designed to hold the paint and release it evenly when painting.

Ordinary synthetic brushes with smooth bristles tend to drip and do not hold much lime paint, making it hard to achieve a nice result.

BAUWERK limewash brushes are being made with natural fibres that have serrated, saw-like bristles, that allow for faster application and better spread of the limewash paint.


New natural fibre brushes do lose a few hairs, that is normal. Before the first use you can ''break them in'' by brushing them against a course surface with a bit of pressure and then gently tease out any strangs that are loose.

But even if you start painting right away you don't have to worry, keep painting and let the surface dry. Any strangs will fall off easily with a gentle touch after that. After the first use of your brush almost all loose hair will have come out.

Brush care:

Wash in water, it is best if you wash your brushes out after use, as the alkaline nature of limewash will dry out the bristles and can cause them to break more easily.
This will ensure that the brushes last longer. Do not leave standing in water.
Use BAUWERK Brush Cleaner to prolong the life of your brushes.

With good care your brush will last a long time - you can use it again and again.

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© BAUWERK Colour
© BAUWERK Colour
© BAUWERK Colour
© BAUWERK Colour

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