Paint and Surface Area Calculator

Here's a quick guide on how to find and use our build-in paint and surface area calculator.

Step 1

Select a colour

BAUWERK Colour offers a lot of Limewash Paint colours but if you're just looking for a calculator it doesn't really matter what colour you select.

  1. First go into our Colour Lab and select any colour you like.
  2. Select the "Paint" option and click on "Get Started"

The View at one of our Limewash Paint Products with the Paint option selected
Step 2

Select your surface type

Now select the type of surface you're going to paint on and click "Next".

This is an important step because the calculated amount can vary depending on your surface type.

On a Sidenote

When you click on "I'm still not sure, please help" a pop up will come which will tell you whether you need Prep Coat for your Limewash paint.
If it doesn't say that, you're good to go.
You'll roughly need the same amount of Prep Coat as you need paint.

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Step 3

Select Size

Now you can add any amount of paint and right beneath you see how much surface is covered with the selected amount

Don't know the m²/ft² of your wall?

Dont worry, just above the amount selection is our surface calculator. All you need is the height and width of your wall (or to be painted surface)

The View at one of our Limewash Paint Products with the Paint option and the "I'm painting on a breathable / absorbent surface" option chosen showing the coverage
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