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Inspiration, advice and featured projects from Bauwerk
Retail space of Singapore Bauwerk Stockist and Applicator BASA with 'Samphire' green and 'Raw White' limewash paint
BASA: Singapore Stockist
A retail concept that explores the foundations and essentials for improved living.
Pool wall in limewashed bagged brick
Featured Projects
Plateau Project
The Plateau Project, a modern family home, is a masterclass in blending subtle textures, cohesive colour and a photographer's eye for light
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Modern Lime Wash Paint | Bauwerk Colour
Featured Projects
Sustainable Developments
Kinland is developing homes sustainably using traditional materials, craft-led spaces and curated details through slow, responsible design.
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Bauwerk Imagined modern peach limewashed building 'Desert Fig'
Elevated Modern Exteriors
Inspiring limewash paint colours for outdoor spaces in sunny climates
Bauwerk Colour Limewash Paint Climbing Rose Peach
Featured Ideas
Peach Trend: Climbing Rose
We're reimagining the peach interiors trend through a worldly and sophisticated perspective using our own earthy peach tone, Climbing Rose.
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Bauwerk Colour Barley Limewash Paint in bathroom
Featured Advice
Bathrooms + Limewash Paint
Tips, considerations + inspiration for using limewash in bathrooms.
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Bauwerk x Hoxton Neighbourhood Collection
The Hoxton x Bauwerk Neighbourhood Collection
Capture the look and feel of iconic Hoxton destinations–Berlin, Edinburgh, Amsterdam and Barcelona, with palettes inspired by the streets and people around each neighbourhood.
Bauwerk Colour European Headquarters in the German countryside
Featured Somewhere South of Berlin
Bauwerk Headquarters
A purpose-built workspace 700 years in development. Peek inside the Europe headquarters of Bauwerk Colour lime wash paint and home to our business, family and a perpetual restoration project.
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Ateliers of Europe Bauwerk Colour German Office
Featured News
Ateliers of Europe Book
A visual love letter documenting the few remaining traditional decorative arts workshops, including Bauwerk’s very own German castle headquarters.
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