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©Lajos Varga
©Lajos Varga

Lime Wash Paint Master Colour Book

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The Master Colour Book contains our entire range of lime wash colours, it comes with colour notes and represents the culmination of nearly 20 years of colour development by our colour specialist Bronwyn Riedel.

Many of the colours have notes attached for easier selection.
All colours show the actual paint and are grouped for an easy overview.

Please note, this book is hand-made and hand-assembled. Due to demand delivery times can vary.

BAUWERK Master Set Colour Book - the complete range of lime wash colours of BAUWERK Colour

We assembled all our limewash paint colours in this 23 page Master Set Colour Book, showing 16 colours on each page.

Our Master Set Colour Book allows you to compare similar shades of colour together and provides a guide as to the general colour directions possible.
Many of the colours come with helpful notes for easier selection.

The book is bound and more pages can be added as they become available. Each colour is hand painted with the actual lime paint colour, cut and then assembled by hand.

The book is 34cm wide and 22cm high, it contains 23 pages with 16 colour chips of 5 cm x 2.5 cm in size.

  • see all BAUWERK Colour limewash paint shades in one handy volume
  • actual limewash paint is shown on the colour chips
  • colours are grouped for a better overview of similar shades
  • many colours have helpful notes
  • easy to expand when new colours are added

We always recommend to make your final colour selection at the project site..
We also provide 250ml Sample Pots for test panels.

Master Set Colour Book FAQs
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