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Application Tools - Brush

Application Tools - Brush

Here's what you need to know for the best selection of brushes for limewash application

Limewash Brushes / all you want to know

This is the right guide for you if you want to

  • use limewash brushes for the application of limewash paint
  • know how to use natural fibre brushes correctly and take care of them
  • how to take care of your brush so they will last for more than one project

Limewash Paint Brushes
Limewash Paint Brushes
What type of brushes are recommended?
For all exterior and interior limewashing we recommend to use a natural fibre limewash brush. Their unique bristle structure retains the correct amount of paint and releases it evenly across the surface during painting.
Limewash Paint Brush 4cm x 14cm
Limewash Paint Brush 3cm x 10cm
Small Tapered Brush
What limewash brush should I use for samples or small projects?
For applying Bauwerk Colour Sample Pots or Bauwerk Garden Pot Paint these small red brushes make the task super easy
Limewash Paint Brush - 3cm x 7cm
Modern Lime Wash Paint | Bauwerk ColourModern Lime Wash Paint | Bauwerk ColourModern Lime Wash Paint | Bauwerk Colour
Useful hints when working with natural bristle brushes
01 Assemble your limewash brush using the bucket clip
  • this clip allows you to hang your brush from the side of your bucket
  • unpack and check that all parts for your brush are there
  • screw in the handle with the optional bucket clip as shown in the image
The bucket clip can be left off if you have no need for it
Assembly of limewash brush clip
02 Before first use - how to break in a new natural bristle brush

New brushes made from natural bristle brushes tend to loose a few bristles during the first use. This is totally normal and does not mean your brush is faulty. We show you how professionals prepare their new brush before first use in the following video.

Breaking in a new natural bristle brush

Flick your brush a few times back and forth across the the fingers of your outstretched hand. Or use the same movement across a slightly rough surface or a table edge. You then pull up and remove hairs that are loose or stick up above the main body of bristles.

Breaking in a Bauwerk Colour Limewash Brush
03 Limewash Application by brush - how much paint should the brush hold?
  • dip the brush only into the paint for 2 to 3 cm (about one inch)
  • give it a quick flick with the wrist to shake off any excess paint
  • your brush should not be dripping paint when you move to the wall

Limewash paint with a limewash brush
04 Limewash Brush - how to correctly hold a limewash block brush
  • hold the brush closer to the brush body as shown in the image for greater control
  • move the brush at right angle across your surface - this will engage all bristle tips and not just those on the outer edge

  • use loose, free strokes on smooth surfaces, do not apply too much pressure
  • on rough surfaces you may want to use smaller, sometimes more circular movements
There is more than one way to apply limewash paint - we share here only what we found works best for most projects using a brush

correct holding position of limewash brush

05 Limewash Application - cutting into corners using a limewash brush

  1. always work wet in wet - do not cut in all edges and then paint over partially dried sections
  2. using the limewash block brush deposit a good portion of the paint at a place near where you want to cut in
  3. holding the brush close to the brush body angle slightly away from the corner to see the edge
  4. pull the brush along the corner using a little bit of pressure only
  5. brush away from the corner to avoid seeing only brush strokes parallel to the corner

watch our short video how to cut in limewash paint along corners
Limewash Paint Cutting into Corners
06 Brush Care - how to take care of your limewash brush
Washing out with water
  • fill a adequately sized bucket with clean water
  • hold on to the handle of the brush and shake the brush out under water - this will take only a few seconds
  • shake out brush in the sink
  • run the tap and rinse the remaining paint out always in the same direction towards the bristle ends

  • shake out again and bring back the damp bristles into shape with your hands - see video clip
  • allow the brush to dry either by hanging the brush or by placing the brush upright on a rag

Do not store you brush in a bucket with water overnight.

Following our Care Instructions will keep your brush in good condition.

For prolonged brush life use Bauwerk Colour Brush Cleaner

How to wash and dry a Bauwerk Colour Natural Bristle Brush

07 Store your limewash brush to use for the next limewash paint project

  • after washing out the limewash paint brush allow it to fully dry before storing it away
  • use a small cotton rag and wrap the brush up, making sure the bristles can retain their shape.
  • store in a dry place

08 Disposal of used up limewash brushes

Our limewash brushes are made with natural materials. They can be safely disposed of with normal household refuse.

Other questions asked about limewash brushes
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