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Limewash Paint

250ml, 1L, 5L, 10L | from €25.21 (excl. VAT) | €30.00 (incl. VAT approx.)

BAUWERK Limewash Paint is perfect for all interior or exterior masonry surfaces such as render, cement and bricks. It works best when it's absorbed into the wall leaving a breathable surface that is protected by the natural properties of the paint.

With the right preparation you can also decorate with limewash paint on walls that are already painted or are made of gyprock / drywall / plasterboard or plaster.

The best choice of eco-friendly paints for home, office, shop or commercial projects

BAUWERK Limewash Paints are perfect for for modern and traditional projects.

Are you looking for eco-friendly, easy to apply paint for domestic or commercial application that also offers a unique aesthetic finish.

  • choose from the largest natural limewash paint selection worldwide
  • can be applied inside and outside
  • use on new surfaces or previously painted walls
  • easy to apply, just brush it on and create your own unique finish
  • no paint fumes - BAUWERK Limewash Paints are solvent free and have zero VOC's
  • wash out with water - no pollution of groundwater and safe for septic systems
  • paint is naturally anti-bacterial - does not contain any biocides or preservatives
  • fully permeable / breathable - humidity regulation with all masonry structures
  • paint still damp surfaces without fear of bubbling or peeling off
  • use in bathrooms or damp basements
  • recommended for all heritage buildings or new eco-friendly construction
  • 100% UV and colour stable - no colour fading
  • mineral based paint - does not contain any plant or animal products, Vegan friendly
  • Class A1 fireproof paint, will not burn or develop smoke
  • produced with 100% green power with a ultra-light environmental footprint
  • will not harm human health or the environment
non toxic biocide free natural limewash paint

biocide free paint

no added nano-particles

solvent and VOC-free natural limewash paint

no fumes or off-gassing

paint and move in the same day

easy to apply natural limewash paint

comes ready to use

easy to apply, just brush it on!

modern lime wash paint in hundreds of colours

largest selection of colours

use interior or exterior

UV-stable fade proof natural limewash paint

Fade Proof Paint

100% UV and colour stable

fully breathable / permeable lime wash paint

Breathable Paint

fully permeable

allows walls to breathe

fire proof paint Class A1 natural lime wash paint

Fire Proof Paint

will not burn

Class A1 paint product

natural limewash paint application inside and outside

apply to rough or smooth surface

apply inside or outside

BAUWERK Colour Limewash Paint - modern lime paint made in harmony with nature

Bauwerk Limewash Colours are made differently, by using natural pigments, we have created a range of colours that reflect and celebrate the innate and natural beauty of pigments, which we source from all over the world.

We take care to select few, but very high quality ingredients. We leave out what will either be harmful to human health or harmful to our environment.
We only use natural clays, minerals and beautiful powder pigments that are also used in creating cosmetics to keep our paints completely free from solvents or volatile organic compounds (VOC's). That is why you will not find some colours in our range that can only be created with problematic colourants.

We use carbon neutral processing using renewable energy in the from of timber for the burning of the base material, limestone, from which our paint is made from. Our offices, warehouses and production facilities use 100% green power.

Where possible we use pails that have the maximum post consumer recycled content. We created packaging that is made from recycled paper, even our packaging tape is made from paper with a natural plant-based glue. We ensure all can be easily separated and recycled.

We do not make indestructible paint, during and at the end of life our paint should not create any problems for humans or the environment.
When you choose BAUWERK Colour Limewash Paint you are adding natures colours into your space.

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Limewash Paint Product Information

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