We guarantee you will receive a high-quality paint product

BAUWERK Paint is produced using selected quality materials. Provided the paint is applied in conformity with the manufacturer's specifications, BAUWERK Colour warrants BAUWERK Paint against:

  • colour fading
  • film forming
  • release of toxic or harmful vapours or substances for the life of the paint
  • peeling or blistering

BAUWERK Colour + The Environment

You and your walls can breathe easy...

  • free from glycol ethers, solvents or carcinogenic substances
  • full water and water vapour permeability
  • no moisture is locked into walls
  • natural antibacterial properties

A cleaner environment all round...

  • produced under sustainable principles with renewable energy
  • greenhouse gas neutral
  • electrostatic charge-free : less dust on your walls
  • pollution-free clean up with a minimum of water

Protective qualities...

  • strengthens substrates
  • self-sacrificing against environmental pollution
  • no peeling, no blistering
  • repaint without stripping the previous layer of BAUWERK Paints

If you have applied your paint appropriately and are still having an issue, please contact us with details so we can advise you further.

Please note that our Limewash and Preparation coat have a best before of 6 months

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