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Natural Pigments

Natural Pigments

Our fantastic colour palette owes a lot of its unique visual appeal and eco-friendly benefits to its natural pigments.

Why we use natural pigments and why they are beautiful.

Bauwerk Colours are made differently than most paint colours. Using natural pigments, we have created a range of colours that reflect and celebrate the innate and natural beauty of our globally sourced pigments.

We do not use tinting machines or industrial processes to create our colours. Instead, we draw on our years of experience and eye for colour creation, selecting each pigment and creating unique colours that are developed with an understanding of how each colour will look on the wall. We are particularly inspired by colours found in nature, as we believe that everything we need to know about colour can be found there.

Our perception of colour is due to light refraction. Unlike other paints, our colours refract light uniquely due to the crystalline nature of our base mineral, limestone. Limestone retains and refracts colour through millions of light crystals. Natural pigments also refract light differently compared to industrial processes, thanks to the irregular composition of earth pigments. This irregularity causes light to interact with the pigment in distinct ways. Because of this, our limewash paint glows and looks like no other paint. Many of the colours in our range appear more luminous, and the underlying colour can pop more than what you see in a small swatch.

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“Light in nature creates the
movement of colours.”

— Robert Delaunay 

Why you will never be able to buy fire engine red at Bauwerk.

We don’t offer colours that can only be produced with pigments we believe are harmful to humans. For example, we don’t offer a fire engine red or canary yellow, as they can only be made with Cadmium pigments, which we don’t want to handle ourselves. All our pigments are responsibly sourced, tested for UV stability, completely lightfast, and non-flammable. Additionally, almost all pigments are of natural origin.

All of our suppliers adhere to relevant safety standards in the EU, US, UK, and AU. The pigments supplied from the US are man-made, produced by blending, heating and grinding specific amounts of different minerals. Apart from that, we also use natural clays as a thickener and as a colouring agent itself.

Some of our colours do contain a small percentage of Titanium Dioxide. However, we can provide a list of colours that are TiO2 free. Please contact us if you'd like to receive the most recent TiO2 free list. 

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