How and to what destinations we ship lime wash paint

Shipping Destinations

Bauwerk Colour can ship lime wash paint to almost any destination world wide, provided the destination, organisation or individual is not on the official sanctions list.

We have dedicated stores to fulfil your orders for different destinations

Please go to for all orders destined for the UK and Northern Ireland

Please go to for all orders destined to Australia and New Zealand and parts of Asia

Please go to for all orders to the USA, Canada, Mexico and parts of South America

Please go to for all orders to all European Countries and many countries around the world.

If you are unsure where to place your order please contact us via email on [email protected]

How we ship

We ship our lime wash paint ready to use as a liquid in specially manufactured containers. Our products are non-hazardous and can be transported via air, land and sea without restrictions.

Colour Cards and Fan Decks orders are always shipped via Express delivery to ensure quickest delivery and tracking.

Shipping Options

We ship most of our products via courier directly to the address you specify. We can ship via Express Courier to all destinations and pass on the special rates we receive directly to our customers.

Standard delivery is also selectable for a great number of countries. Standard delivery is more economical, but takes longer to arrive.

Palletised shipping option we can arrange for larger orders. Typically those order are around 300 litres and up.

Ex Works with pick up from our EU or AU manufacturing places is an option for customers who wish to engage their own transport companies.

HS Codes (outbound)

The relevant HS codes for our products are:

  • For printed material:

  • For Lime Wash Paint and Prep Coat:

  • For Brushes:

  • For Concrete Sealer:

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