Is it possible to create murals and art with lime wash paints?

Painting Murals with Lime Wash Paint

Lime wash Mural on brick work
Abstract lime wash mural on wall
Figurative lime wash mural in 2 colours

Create modern Murals with lime wash paint that add another dimension to your project

Creating a super stylish mural with lime wash paint can be as easy as selecting two colours and adding your image with the second colour to your background.

What background can lime wash murals be painted on?
Traditionally mural were painted into still damp lime plaster. That created the most enduring murals as the pigments were able to become part of the wall finish.

But any modern wall, even previously painted, can be the surface for a mural painted with lime wash paints.

The preparation for your walls is the same as you would do if you were to decorate with just a single colour.

Lime wash painting can be done also on an artist canvas or fabric.

How long will murals done with lime paint last?

Lime wash was used to decorate churches, tombs in ancient Egypt and scenes in houses in old Pompeii. Their longevity is a testimony to the simple, yet enduring materials used. Much of the longevity is based on the right surface preparation.

Where have murals painted in lime wash paint been applied?
There are no limits as to what or where you can create lime wash murals.

We have been very inspired by some of our customers modern mural creations. They add another dimension to retail, hospitality and public spaces.
Lime wash is also a great medium for film and theatre productions. They're 100% fire proof, are non-reflective and completely free from fumes.

Bauwerk Colour Limewash Paint Murals

What style can be done with lime wash painted murals?
Murals done with lime wash paints do not need to be figurative, they also can be abstract and have been used to create amazing wall paper decors.

What techniques for lime wash paint application are possible?

Lime wash colours can be overlayed in a wet over dry layer, but also painted wet in wet.
It is also possible to mix two or more colours to create other shades.

What are the tools needed for lime wash murals?

Most commonly used are a variety of brushes for the application of the background colour. Bauwerk Colour has all the different types of brushes in stock.

Have you experience or created murals with lime wash paint? Why not share a story and some images with us. Get in touch via Contact Us

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