Our Australian Team

Modern Lime Wash Paint | Bauwerk Colour
Making the Paint
LEVI is our expert paint maker, attuned to the finer points of adjusting the fine balance of minerals, clays and colourants, has perfected the art of concentrating the very best natural qualities of lime paints. But he is not stuck in a lab, he speaks with applicators and customers alike and their feedback has been equally valuable to perfect what needs to be part of the paint and to leave out all, what we consider harmful, needless or impure.
Modern Lime Wash Paint | Bauwerk Colour
Source of Knowledge
DORIEN is an expert colour consultant and general source of limewash information. Along with Claire, she is also likely to be helping you either over the phone or when you pop into our Perth showroom.
Modern Lime Wash Paint | Bauwerk Colour
Handling Your Order
JOEL does the heavy lifting, or the delicate wrapping, depending on what you just ordered. He is into boxing (pun intended).
Modern Lime Wash Paint | Bauwerk Colour
Source of Knowledge
CLAIRE is most likely the friendly voice when you ring up or the skillful front-of-house representative when you visit. You may also see her name when you receive an email reply from us.
Modern Lime Wash Paint | Bauwerk Colour
Being Social
Social Media and Communication comes naturally to DAKOTA after years of managing her own swimwear brand. Together with a talent for networking and a light touch on all she takes on, she finds the right balance in communication between fun and facts.
Modern Lime Wash Paint | Bauwerk Colour
Visual Communicator
BRITTANY is our graphic designer and visual communication powerhouse. She also casts a critical eye on what we present from a customer point of view.

Bauwerk Colour Founders

The Colour Expert
Bronwyn Riedel
BRONWYN is BAUWERK Colour, pure and simple, because she dreamed up and created every one of our colours. She has more colour receptors in her eyes than all of us combined. Bronwyn is also responsible for all our marketing using her skill of communicating the beauty of natural colours by reaching out to all our customers through social media and sharing her incredible collection of inspiring images.
The Solutions Guy
Andreas Riedel
ANDREAS is The Solutions Guy and has all the tech-know how. He gets consulted on the tricky questions and finds ways to improve, expand and making new connections. Andreas has a passion for history, renovating historic buildings and architecture.

The benefits of limewash paint and growing a thriving global family business...

Are you curious about limewash? Would you like to learn how it can help improve the health of your home and add a beautiful patina to your walls? Come listen (and learn) to the conversation between Bronwyn of Bauwerk and Natalie Walton on the Imprint with Natalie Walton Podcast. Bronwyn shares the benefits of limewash and also how she has grown a thriving business based in Germany, selling paint around the world with her husband Andreas.

Listen Now

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