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Lime Wash Prep Coat


For interior use only our Limewash Prep Coat is a fast to apply, matt white preparation paint specially formulated to create the ideal base coat for Bauwerk Limewash Paint. Use on previously painted walls, where a fresh new surface is desirable.

1 liter will cover approximately 6 square meters.


The Perfect Base For Interior Limewash Paint

Pure limewash paints require a moderately absorbing surface. However, many interior spaces are already decorated with a conventional paint that does not allow the limewash to penetrate into.

Bauwerk Prep Coat builds a bridge between a previously painted or non-absorbing interior surface, and creates a matt white uniform background and allows the Limewash paint to be painted easily and with just two coats on top.

Bauwerk Prep Coat can be applied by roller, usually just one coat is enough. This is a water based paint with a super-low VOC content of below 1 gram per litre.

Bauwerk Prep Coat is not a primer. It is important to understand that Bauwerk Limewash and Prep Coat have no capacity to mask what is on your wall, it allows all the history and the materials of the wall to come through.

Limewash Prep Coat Product Information

High Opacity Limewash Prep-Coat

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Bauwerk Prep-Coat Safety Data Sheet
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