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How to use limewash paint in kitchens

Bauwerk Limewash Paint can be used on the walls and ceilings of kitchens, achieving beautiful results with numerous benefits. It's suitable for all areas of a kitchen, except where it may come in contact with fat/oil/grease (behind the stove, for instance), as this may discolour the paint. For this reason, we also do not recommend using it on kitchen cabinets.

Benefits of Limewash Paint in Kitchens

  • suitable for a high-humidity environment
  • not film-forming and therefore not prone to blistering or peeling, even in high-humidity environments
  • naturally anti-bacterial and will resist mould
  • water-resistant (although not waterproof)
©Taran Wilkhu for Kinland  |  Limewash in Kitchen
©Taran Wilkhu for Kinland | Limewash in Kitchen

Here are some things to consider if building a new kitchen or making major upgrades:

  • The perfect substrate in a kitchen is an absorbent render.
  • There are very good pre-mixed thin coat renders available that can be used over drywall construction or existing well-adhering older renders, plaster or paint finishes. They typically only add 1-2 mm in thickness to the wall surface. Also, any repainting is very easy.
  • However, you can use Bauwerk Limewash Paint over conventional paints or new plasterboard, once the walls have been prepared to be equally absorbent ( a water-based sealer, for instance). It is then followed with one coat of our Limewash Prep-Coat (can be rolled on), and finished with two coats of Bauwerk Limewash.
  • Limewash paint is absorbent, which means it can absorb substances that leave a mark. We do not recommend the use of top-coat protective sealers over limewash as these products introduce more chemicals to the home and make repainting more difficult. Instead, you can use a sheet of glass behind the stove as an unobtrusive way of protecting that area, while still allowing for redecoration when needed.
  • The benefit of not sealing the walls is that your walls will be part of your micro-climate and can absorb excess humidity and release it again.
Bauwerk Colour Limewash Paint applied behind a Kitchencounter

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