Q: Can I paint over Wallpaper with Limewash ?

A: Most paper, wall papers can be painted with Bauwerk Prep Coat and Limewash

Step 1. We recommend 2 coats of a good quality /sealer  primer 
Step 2. Apply 1 coat of BAUWERK PREP COAT
Step 3.  Apply 2 coats BAUWERK LIMEWASH
Note- You can skip Step 1. If your walls are without patches and repairs.

Q: Do I need BAUWERK Prep Coat? 

A: We have especially  developed our Prep Coat as a bridge coat is between standard paint and primers to make limewash more durable, and easy to apply. BAUWERK Prep Coat is not a primer. It is important to understand that BAUWERK Limewash and Prep Coat have no capacity to mask what is on your wall, it allows all the history and the materials of the wall to come through. 

To be sure our Paint system works with your Wallpaper type we recommend you do an onsite sample test first.

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