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How do I best make a selection of my limewash paint colours?

How do I choose the perfect limewash paint colour?

Colour Selection is easy with Colour Cards and Sample Pots

01 Refine your Options

Begin by narrowing down your limewash paint colour options to a few favourites.

Visit our Colour Lab to explore our complete collection of colours. You can use the filter to browse by a shade, like Greens, or as group, like Neutrals. When you find a colour you love, simply tap the heart icon to add it to your favourites list.

Tips + Tricks

Creating an account beforehand ensures your favourite selections are saved, even if you need to log off. With an account, you can also create multiple wish lists and select colours for different rooms or projects.

Modern Lime Wash Paint | Bauwerk Colour
02 Compare Colour Cards

If you're undecided between a few of your favourite limewash colours, consider ordering Colour Cards. Bauwerk Colour Cards are hand-painted and come in a generous 10.5 cm x 15 cm format.

We recommend Colour Cards for:

• deciding between a selection of possible shades

• comparing, mixing and matching colours together

• pinning a selection of colours to the surface you want to paint

• discussing your colour selection with partners and clients

• creating moodboards

• a reference when selecting other furnishings

• collecting and building up a colour reference library

Tips + Tricks

We also offer limewash paint colour Fan Decks (colour swatches) and our comprehensive Master Set Colour Book.

Consider ordering multiple Colour Cards to share with clients or trades.

Bauwerk Colour Cards for lime wash paint selection
03 Test with a Sample Pot

If you'd like to ensure your chosen limewash colour is just right for your space, Sample Pots are the perfect way to test the colour.

We recommend ordering a Sample Pot if...

• you need to decide between two very similar shades

• you want to test the colour appearance at the project location

• you want a more accurate consumption estimate for your specific surface

• a close colour match to another decor item is desired

• you require small quantities of colours for murals or designs

• you just want to have fun and play with colours

You don't need a Sample Pot if...

• you are already sure of the colour you want to paint

• a slight colour variation is of lesser concern to you

• you're reordering a colour used in previous applications

Tips + Tricks

We recommend applying samples with one of our special Limewash Paint Brushes. Some internal surfaces may require a coat of Bauwerk Prep Coat for an even finish.

Preparing a Bauwerk Colour Sample Pot


Selecting Bauwerk Colour Limewash Paint - Getting inspired
Modern Lime Wash Paint | Bauwerk Colour
Still can't decide? Let one of our Bauwerk Colour specialists help...
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