Taxes and Duties

I'm being charged taxes on my order but UK is no longer part of the EU?
For your convenience we include all taxes and duties within our pricing and pay them on your behalf so no further payments are required after checkout.

I'm a business customer, am I able to receive my orders VAT free?
Unfortunately no, you will have to claim it back at your local tax office

Where can I change my billing address?
Depending on the payment method you choose it can either be:
- within the same payment method as a check mark: "☑Use shipping address as billing address" e.g. credit card
- beneath the payment methods as an option to use the same or a different billing address e.g. bank deposit
- if paying with PayPal you can change your billing information within your own PayPal account

I have been contacted by customs/courier for my EORI number, what do I do?
All UK businesses when importing from outside of the UK are required to have a EORI number. If you do not have one you will have to apply for one in order to receive your goods.

If your order is shipped with DHL you may be asked for your EORI number. If you have not yet applied for one then usually a link is provided to where you can apply.

Applying for an EORI number does not make you liable for customs duties for orders received by us. We take care of those charges.

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