Refunds & Returns


We cannot accept returns for paint deliveries, as each bucket of paint is made for you and your particular colour selection.

It is very important that you test your colour selection with a sample pot for an accurate colour representation with your particular surface and lighting conditions and to determine if the chosen product or product combination is fit for the intended purpose according to your standards.

We will replace paint that is found to have been incorrectly tinted. If you are not sure about your colour selection please email us, we respond to all emails within 2 days.


We do not offer refunds for any orders that have been fulfilled. It is the customers responsibility to check the order confirmation and contact us immediatly in cases where changes are deemed necessary.

We do not offer refunds. We will replace any product that is proved to be faulty. We do not accept liability beyond replacing of faulty goods.

The goods must be thoroughly inspected by the customer or an authorised individual upon receipt in order to detect any transportation damage or deviation from the ordered goods, including mis-tints. Any issues with the goods received must be reported within 14 business days after delivery.

Customers who are merchants or commercial customers must ensure that any transportation and packaging damage detected is confirmed in writing by the carrier upon delivery and reported. We also ask, without legal obligation, that customers who are consumers notify us of any clearly identifiable transportation damage.

Please note: We do not accept consequential losses, due to time delays or application of mis-tinted or mis-labelled paints.  It falls into the responsibility and/or contractual obligation of the applicator to check that all supplied materials are up to the specifications; as is the timely ordering of materials by the responsible contractor to ensure the project is finished on schedule.

Cancellation after order payment completion

In cases where orders have been paid but not yet fulfilled and the customer cancels all or part of the order Bauwerk Colour GmbH will refund the amount charged less a 10% charge for bank fees and related cancellation charges.

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