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Concrete + Concrete Bricks

Concrete + Concrete Bricks

How to limewash concrete and concrete blocks

Limewashing guide for concrete and concrete blocks

What type of concrete can I paint with limewash paint?

You can use BAUWERK Colour limewash paint on all new or previously unpainted, absorbent concrete, including fairface concrete, rough concrete surfaces, concrete blocks and the like.

For non-absorbent internal surfaces see our previously painted guide on how to apply limewash.

Can I apply limewash paint to external concrete as well?
BAUWERK Colour limewash paint can be used inside and outside.

Here is a guide to paint concrete with limewash paint:

  1. Please remove all dirt, grime, oil or adhesion limiting substances from the surface. In many cases a quick pressure wash is enough.
  2. Allow the wall to dry out again (a little residual moisture is ok) and
  3. Paint at least two coats of lime wash paint. Paint wet in wet and apply the paint nice and thin. It is better to do more coats, rather than applying too much paint in one go. Take care to cover up every little bit with the first coat. Allow to dry for at least 24hrs. Then...
  4. Apply the second coat quickly. If you miss a spot here or there it does not matter, as the first coat has covered it already.

    If you apply the paint externally allow for at least 3 days of clear weather or protect the surface against rain.

How much limewash paint will be needed to paint concrete surfaces?

1 liter of paint will be enough to cover 8-12 m2 (per coat), depending on the roughness and absorbency of the surface.

Maintenance of limewash painted concrete surfaces:

Maintenance will be easy: Just remove any surface dust and apply other coat if and when required.

Tip: If you paint externally then any adjacent garden bed sprinklers should ideally be placed near, but be directed away from the wall.

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