© Christoph Neumann
© Christoph Neumann

Colour Card: Earth Colours Set


A collection of our most popular Earth Colours. 
Quiet, IntentionReflectionBalanceRetreatSlow, Still

BAUWERK Colour Cards are hand painted and come in a large format card 10.5cm x 15cm to make it really easy to get a good feel for how your colours will appear on the wall.

It is a good idea to look at your colours in the location you expect to paint, vertically up against the wall, colours appear different in different light conditions interior or exterior.

Why should I order a Colour Card?

BAUWERK Colour Cards are a large size paint (15cm x 10.5cm) swatch that is hand painted with the actual limewash paint.

Colour Cards are very useful for:

  • making a pre-selection of possible shades
  • comparing, mixing and matching colours by laying Colour Cards out next to each other
  • pinning a selection of colours on the surface you want to paint
  • discussing your colour selection with partners and clients
  • creating mood boards
  • snipping parts off as a reminder
  • collecting and building up a colour reference library

Colour Cards are the preferred way to select colours by most designers and architects. You can, of course, order duplicates if you have passed on a card to someone else, or have another set sent to the address of your client, for instance.

© Bauwerk Colour
© Bauwerk Colour
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© @gruenderzeit_zeit
Choosing Colour

BAUWERK Colours are made differently, using natural pigments, we have created a range of colours that reflect and celebrate the innate and natural beauty of pigments, which we source from all over the world.

How we see colour is due to light refraction. BAUWERK Lime wash colours refract light differently to other paints, due to the crystalline nature of our base mineral, calcium carbonate, which refracts light in crystals making it glow and look like no other paint.

Hold your Colour Card vertical up against the wall as this can also affect how you see the colour. It is a good idea to look at your colours in the location you expect to paint. Colours appear different in different light conditions interior or exterior.

We also recommend that you test the selected colours with a Sample Pot on a test panel when you need a close match to the colour you expect to see after the painting is finished.

Product Information

Hand painted with the actual shade of Lime wash paint.
Available for every colour we display in our Colour Lab.

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Colour Selection FAQs
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