Time Needed For Painting

Scheduling and Timing Considerations for Limewash Paint

How long does it take to Limewash a wall ?

Bauwerk Limewash is very quick and easy to apply, The length of time required to complete a project will depend on the surface you are painting on and the preparation required before you can start to apply limewash to your walls.
The actual Limewashing should take less than an hour to paint one coat, on one wall, in a standard size room.
A coat of paint should be touch dry in a short period of time and dry within one-two hours.
However in cold weather we recommend leaving a longer period between coats.

What is the ideal Temperature to Limewash ?

The ideal temperature for applying Bauwerk Limewash is 8°–30°C (46°F–86°F).
Do not paint if the surface and/or air temperature falls below 5°C (41°F) during application or curing.
High quality, natural limewash needs adequate curing time. This will be longer in colder weather and in humid conditions. Where surfaces are exposed to rain, make sure the weather is going to be clear for three days following application.

What does 'adequate curing time' mean ?

Although Limewash dries very quickly, it will continue to cure for up to 2 weeks and longer, as it takes carbon dioxide from the air in the curing process, this natural reaction allows us to create a paint that doesn't require the use of lots of petro-chemicals, as conventional water based paints do, these standard paints use plastics as the means to make the paints adhere to the wall, while Limewash uses air.

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