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Sample Pot Colour Testing

Sample Pot Colour Testing

What's the best way to test limewash colours?

Sample Pots offer an ideal solution for colour testing on interior and exterior surfaces and can be applied directly onto clean walls or portable board surfaces.

Tips + Tricks
  • Instead of painting neat squares for samples, it’s advisable to create a feathered-out testing area. This technique helps conceal the sample area when repainting and ensures a better sample.
  • Alternatively, paint onto a board that you can carry around the space. This is a good idea if you are painting a naturally breathable wall like render, lime plaster or unpainted brick. This method enables you to view the sample colour in different lighting conditions, while also avoiding show-through of sample areas on your final finish.
  • For the best result over previously painted, primed walls– apply your samples over Prep Coat. You can cover these sample swatches with a full coat of Prep Coat when you prepare to fully limewash your wall.
  • Use a Bauwerk natural bristle brush as their bristles are designed to spread the paint correctly.
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