The BAUWERK Colour Team (Europe)

Creating our wonderful samples

BÄRBEL and INA are responsible to make our Colour Cards, Fan Decks and Master Colour Books. While Bärbel does all the painting of the cards and chips by hand, Ina assembles the Fan Decks and Master Books.

Getting Supplies

HEIKO is responsible for our supplies so that we can always fulfill any order as quickly as possible. Be it Brushes, Prep Coat or the basic components for our colours.

Handling your Order

DENISE, ENRICO, ERIK, MARIO and RONNY do the pigmenting, filling up the buckets, heavy lifting, or the delicate wrapping, it depends on what you just ordered.

Answering your Questions

HENNES or THOMAS are most likely the friendly voices when you ring up. You might also see their name when you receive an email reply from us.

Shipping our Products

TOBI is booking and labeling all of the packages to be picked up and shipped via DHL or UPS.

Maintaining the Website

NIKLAS responsible for the german translation, setting up discounts and Housekeeping of our online store

Looking good is the work of

BRITTANY, our graphic designer. She is our visual communication powerhouse. She also casts a critical eye on what we present from a customer point of view.

Staying in touch via

Social Media and Communication comes naturally to DAKOTA after years of managing her own swimwear brand. Together with a talent for networking and a light touch on all she takes on she finds the right balance in communication between fun and facts. DAKOTA is based in Australia.

Co Founders

BRONWYN is BAUWERK Colour - pure and simple, because she dreamed up and created every one of our colours. She has more colour receptors in her eyes than all of us combined.
Bronwyn is also responsible for all our marketing - her skills of communicating the beauty of natural colours and reaching out to all our customers through social media and and sharing of her incredible collection of inspiring images.

ANDREAS is The Solutions Guy and has all the tech-know how. He gets consulted on the tricky questions and finds ways to improve, expand and making new connections.
Andreas has a passion for history, renovating historic buildings and architecture.

Could you be part of the team.....?

YOU are a bit of a word smith and have a talent for writing up blog stories. You know how to work with great images and feed them into your stories. You prefer to work as a freelancer with Bauwerk Colour.

YOU like what you read in this section, feel inspired and have a good work portfolio that fits with our ethos and brand identity. Get in touch!

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