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Colour Testing with Sample Pots

How do I use a Limewash Paint Sample Pot?

Lime Wash Sample Pots

  • BAUWERK Sample Pots contain 250ml. That is enough paint for a large enough area to see the effect of the colour (about 1 to 1.5m2).
  • Samples are also available in 1 liter size.
  • We strongly recommend to order a special lime wash brush for the sample application.

Bauwerk Colour Lime wash Sample Pots / Samples
Bauwerk Colour Limewash Paint Sample Pot
Painting a sample panel with lime wash paint

When should I use a sample pot?

Apart from ordering a 250ml size for a really small project of just one square metre or so, Sample Pots are an important part of deciding a specific colour.

We recommend to order a Sample Pot if:

  • you need to decide between two very similar shades of colour
  • you want to test colour appearance on a sample panel at the project location
  • you want to establish a more accurate consumption estimate on the particular surface you are painting
  • a close colour match to another decorating item is desired
  • you do murals or similar designs where only smaller amount of a particular colour are needed
  • you just want to have fun and play with colours

You don't need a sample pot if:

  • you are already sure of the colour you want to paint
  • a slight colour variation is of lesser concern to you
  • you re-order paint that you know of from previous applications

Choosing Your Colour

It is a good idea to look at your colours in the location you expect to paint, colours appear different in different light conditions interior or exterior. Also the texture of the surface of your wall can play a role.

You can order some of ourColour Cards to make a first selection. Many customers order the paint after having selected their colour from a colour card.

However, if you need to be sure about a particular shade, or if you want to see the actual paint on a surface that is similar to that of your walls it is also possible to test the selected colours with a Sample Pot on a test panel, particularly when you need a close match to the colour you expect to see after the painting is finished.

If that is still a difficult choice perhaps you might like to book a Colour Consultation?
Our Colour expert can help you to narrow down the best choice for your particular project.

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